7 Simple Internet Side Hustles to Make Extra Money Each Month

Money, who would hate having a little bit more of it? Hopefully not you or you’re either crazy or 12, and even then you still want more money to buy some kick ass Fortnite skins. Whether you are saving for your dream car, your home, or just offsetting your debts, a little more cash can go along way.

Your fulltime job can help in settling the majority of your bills. However, a side-hustle can be a game-changer that can make a difference in your way of life while giving you the freedom you have been yearning to get. The main question arises, which are some of the best side-hustles that can make you extra money the extra money you deserve?

Various side hustles can help you earn a few more bucks that will help you pursue your passion, have that financial freedom, and get what you are passionate about. Here goes some of the side hustles that will help you make more while in the comfort of your home.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial planner so I do not have the power to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your money. However I can share these for educational purposes and say I partake in most of these activities myself to a notable profit that I see constantly growing as I learn more about how the side hustle work and can reinvest capital.

Invest in Dividend Stocks

With the advancement on the internet, you needn’t own stock of shares for ten years. The internet has made a day trading much more accessible and convenient than ever before. Many investors will opt to go dividend stocks way for their investment. The corporations give dividends to its shareholders as part of profit sharing. Some companies will pay dividends quarterly, annual, or biannual based on their set policies. Investing in dividend stocks is an excellent way of having a long- term investment. Dividends are the most direct way corporations can share profits with the stockholders. It is vital to research the quality of stocks you are just about to invest in. Look for corporations with long financial stability. Find out about the stocks quite as a source of information to help you decide as you invest. Lastly, you can buy the stock either through the broker of choice or directly through the company.

Sell Services on Fiverr Like Writing or Social Marketing

A side hustle is a great way to earn some extra cash. Here is another platform that can help you make more money outside your routine job. Fiverr is an online platform where you can sell some gigs. Some gigs pay well than others. You can make thousands of dollars from the services that are in high demand. The pricing of your service varies with the project’s size and the scope of the service you offer. You can choose the gigs to offer on the platform such as video marketing, website building, developing mobile apps, search and display marketing, developing chatbot, or graphic design. Lastly, there is a lucrative way to earn for those who have a way with words and not to the knack of coding. Copywriting is also one of the highest paying hustles. Find out where your strength is and start making those extra bucks.

Start A YouTube Channel

You can make yourself a D-list celebrity on YouTube today! Well not really a day unless PewDiePie shouts out your video. Be sure to develop content that is entertaining, teaching, or reviewing some content- be awesome to people on the internet. Be on the knowledge that you won’t be an aid for just uploading the videos. Also, you can’t monetize the videos by default. You will need to monetize your YouTube settings. You don’t need a million subscribers to monetize your channel. The number of subscribers alone won’t determine your potential to earn. Besides, the engagement your content generates and the niche you attend to are also essential factors. Building your YouTube audience puts you in a better position to monetize your content. The subscribers you have may unlock the potential of earning from your channel. Also, if you create multiple channels of revenue streams, it becomes much easier to monetize it. There are several ways to earn from YouTube, which include:

  • Selling of products
  • Getting crowdfund for your next upcoming creative project
  • Becoming a partner to earn through ads
  • Your audience can also fund you through fan funding.
  • Work with other brands as an affiliate. Most content creators do it as they feel the urge to make something that the world will enjoy. However, it turns out that it puts them in a better position to make money. Monetize your passion for that extra income.

Rent Out Your Car Over the Weekend on Turo

Let your car earn for you while you take a break. Turo is the largest car-sharing marketplace in the world. How do you get started with Turo to start earning?

  • Place your car on the platform for free- you can share your sports car or trucks or any other fancy vehicle you have. To list your vehicle on the platform will take only about ten minutes, and no charges or monthly subscriptions.
  • List down your rules – set some rules while you customize your car to indicate the daily pricing. Turo will adjust the prices to a figure that will work for you going maximum earnings.
  • Invite your clients- once guests book your vehicle, you will confirm how they will access the cars key before their trip. You can check your guest on the Turo app while you relax and wait for the trip to be over.
  • Get your earning- you will get your pay three days after every trip. You will get between 60-85% of the trip price. The amount you get depends on the protection plan you choose.

Buy Stuff with Rakuten

How would you get money when you shop with the Rakuten browser extension? You’re likely going to buy this shit anyways! You will need to download and install the free browser extension and also sign up for an account.

Use the browser extension on your desktop to shop.

Save and also get cashback to your account once your order is confirmed.

Once the store pays Rakuten for sending you their way, you will get your cashback via PayPal.

Additionally, the browser extension will inform you when browsing that the products you’re looking at are available at a better price elsewhere saving you even more money!

The browser extension can also apply for available coupons for your purchase at checkout. It’s like a waterfall of money being saved for you and coming back into your pocket! tell me how that isn’t exciting.

You will also be able to see your savings in your search results.

It is indeed a great way to save money and get some extra money back. My fiancée gets 100$ checks from these guys every three months so you know it’s legit.

Use A Credit Card That Has 5% Cash Back Each Quarter.

The following competition by credit card issuers for your business, many cash-back have risen to favorable levels. Some cards are giving a whopping 5% cashback allowing you to maximize your earnings. You will need to manually the offer to earn the rewards each quarter. However, there is a limit to how much you can earn. How does the cashback credit work? Each quarter has new items such as gas and groceries, which earn 5% cashback for that particular quarter until you hit the cap amount. The categories are determined by the card issuer in advance and released before the time. You will need to activate your bonus for each quarter to get the 5% cashback. The activation is done online through the card issuers’ mobile app. If you forget to activate, all the purchases will only earn you a 1% cashback.

Ultimately, the best cashback card suits your spending habits, thus allowing you to maximize your spending.

Learn Retail Arbitrage

Online shopping has been on the upward trend lately, especially with over the COVID-19 period. With the rise in online shopping has also brought an increase of retail arbitrage. You only need some capital and some know-how, and you get a stream of income.

Retail arbitrage entails buying products at a lower price and selling them at a higher price hence getting a profit. You have the freedom to sell the products anywhere, including Craislist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, and other market platforms. However, the best way to turn to real arbitrage is to sell eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. Marketplaces like Amazon will go along way in supporting your hustles when you practice retail arbitrage.

If you are looking for a side hustle, get some cash for your initial investment, get the tools you will need for the work, know what to sell, and set up an account with the platform you intend to sell. You will make cash out of it.

For more advanced forms of retail arbitrage you can also look into drop shipping where you reach out to a supplier of a product, set up a site to sell the product, do the marketing and SEO for your product to get orders, and your supplier will mail it to your customers. Supposedly some people make a lot money doing this but I haven’t personally tried it because of the lack of time it would take to find a product I’m into enough that isn’t already over sold by people doing the same thing.

I have to admit out of all the things I recommend retail arbitrage is probably the most scummy thing on the list to buy items on sale and sell them to hire to other people that don’t have access to the same sales you found. But hey if you’re selling it for cheaper than the normal price then why not.

A cooler form of retail arbitrage is scouring flea markets and garage sales with your advanced knowledge on some line of products like toys, mugs, or sports cards and finding things that someone else is just trying to get rid of. Hopefully in 2021 this will be an available option again!

Final line

If you are looking for ways to make extra bucks through your side hustle, you will come across hundreds of strategies to make money. Through the ways discussed in this article, you can be sure to have a some extra take home cash at the end of the day from your side hustle. It can be a great way to make extra cash that will help you offset your bills that you can use to invest and compound every year. Irrespective of your location, the internet has brought a lot of conveniences that you can take advantage of today that isn’t just Netflix if you switch from a consumer state of mind to a producer one. You can reach out to money of the potential customers without having to go struggle door to door like the vacuum sellers of the 90s. Find a hustle that suits your skills, and you will earn from it. Maybe not right away but certainly as you keep at it and continuing learning.

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