Back at it again on the press of words

Because everyone needs a first blog post and this is mine.  I’ve always had a fixation for the internet but for some reason I always thought it was just a magical thing that was there and I didn’t fully appreciated it as much as I should have.  Well I make my living now from computer science and it seems that coding and the internet is here to stay so I might as well work to have a stronger presence here and absorb it in all it’s shiny wondrous ways it impacts lives everyday.   This maze of mario pipes that transfers information at unfathomable rates invented by Al Gore is truly something amazing and without it how would we get our daily dose of cat videos, worldstar vines, and people spreading around words like they’re wise gurus on the top of mountains.   Well I too can be a wise guru or at least attempt to make people laugh and maybe say something that makes an impact on someone’s life in one way or another. That is my real goal here and I appreciate everyone here and out on their own sites and blogs doing the same. Let’s spread stuff that brings humanity up a level and raise the bar of society!  Feel free to comment below if you agree or have suggestions of your own.  I’d love to hear them.

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