Three months to a new me or not

Well to everyone that read the first blog sadly I didn’t keep my goal and have been very distracted with America’s got talent, Destiny 2, and trying to work more.  But my goals are still the same so I will revisit my original plans, try to figure out where my lapses happened and learn from them which is the best anyone can do.  I read an interesting quote where if you just strive to do 0.01% better at your job every day after 10 years you will be be 10 times better, and if you can translate those same gains into salary then you start to see the point of pushing yourself.

I also finished another book called “So good they can’t ignore you” at the suggestion of my manager which had some really good philosophies on how to drive yourself at work and frame your thinking into giving more direction in your career.  It basically states that the follow your passion way of thinking is a dream by millennials and most people don’t really find “the passion” until they’ve developed true skill to see new ideas at the edge of their career’s knowledge path to focus that into a mission to help people.  And instead of settling for a mundane career people should deliberately practice at their work to inspire passion and mission. So I’m going to use this new thinking to focus my outside efforts on goals that will help me breach into being so good they can’t ignore me.

Part of this self discipline efforts will again be focused on my diet as well since I only lost 5 lbs before the big vacation. 10lbs short of my goal but at least I can be honest with myself to recognize where I went wrong which is mainly laziness and not following my plan well enough, but at least my girl friend and I had an amazing time still even if I was a little chubby at the water park.  Seeing a lot of the other people there made me actually feel not so bad if you know what I mean.  As for the new me, back to the drawing board and using this as a place to express ways I’ll try that work to inspire focus as I find them.  Thank you all and have a great rest of your day!

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