Three months to a new me: Day 3

Sometimes it seems easy to put off a goal when you have other things going on or feel the desire to indulge in guilty pleasures.  It’s interesting to me how the brain works in this way but in reality that’s all it is is chemistry and the feelings we get from instant gratification.  Where i’m going with this is my lack of posting a blog yesterday and drinking a soda at lunch feeling like I needed it and the guilt that came afterwards.  I still upped my daily activity levels and started throwing in pushups and situps before bed but near the amount I need to reach the goal but at the same time not enough to unmotivate me. It’s all about balance and catching moment.  That moment where one says, “I can do this.” and enough action has taken place to make it really set in.  It’s easy to say you’re going to do something but when you actually do it is where the real victories lie and it may be a slow start so far but it takes a while to get a locomotive going, and when it does it isn’t stopping!

Today went better than the last too but mostly because I was doing stuff at work that actually involved me being active instead of sitting at the desk all day.  I’ve also been more dedicated to taking the stairs 7 floors up in the morning to continue getting in interval light exercise and drank a green tea this morning instead of the High Fructose Rich Coca-cola that typically compliments my lunch.  Green tea definitely isn’t a soda but it’s a hell of a lot healthier so I can endure.  I also pushed myself to write this article to further think through my project and to emphasize that recognizing a change is needed and starting to make those changes is the beginning to progress.

I’ve also been getting good suggestions on other ways to improve diet and be more active that I will continue to share in this blog!

Tip:  Avoid starches and sugars as they release insulin in the body and activate your body to be in a fat storage mode, seems simple enough but putting it out there is a good reminder.

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